Supporting Hastings' Fishermen

Fishing is emblematic of our coastal communities and the fleets in both Hastings and Rye are important sources of jobs, skills and immense local pride.After a grossly unfair initial allocation of quota a decade ago, which left our fishermen with catch limits which were too small, working to help the industry has been a constant challenge.However, I am now more optimistic for our fishermen’s future than I have ever been previously.

Improving Transport

Since I was elected in 2010 I have made it a priority to improve our area’s rail links. This is key to boosting the local economy and attracting jobs and investment.Currently it takes far too long to travel along the coast and to make journeys to London. To change this I have been campaigning for improvements to the Marsh Link and for high speed services from London to Hastings, Rye and onto Bexhill.