Humanitarian Intervention in Syria

Thank you for contacting me about the humanitarian response to the conflict in Syria. 
The Government is working hard to alleviate the suffering in Syria and is at the forefront of the humanitarian response to this crisis, committing £2.71 billion since 2012 - our largest ever response to a single humanitarian crisis.  This is helping to meet the immediate needs of vulnerable people in Syria and refugees in the region. 
UK aid is making a real difference, providing life-saving and life-changing humanitarian support to the people of Syria, and those who have fled to neighbouring countries. Since 2012, across Syria and the region, UK aid has delivered over 27 million food rations that feed a person for a month, 12 million medical consultations, 10 million relief packages, and 10 million vaccines. In 2016/17 alone, UK aid reached over 5 million people with clean water. 
The humanitarian needs of the Syrian people are as grave now as they have ever been. UK aid is helping to alleviate the extreme suffering, as well as providing vital support to millions of Syrian refugees sheltering in neighbouring countries.
While an extensive humanitarian response can help alleviate the suffering in the region, the only way to establish lasting peace in Syria is through a credible political transition away from the Assad regime. Ministers are demanding that all warring parties comply with the Geneva Conventions on the protected status of civilians, and to allow safe access for the brave aid workers and medical staff trying to help the most vulnerable people. In the challenges 2018 brings, Britain will continue to be at the forefront of the global humanitarian response. 
Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.


Updated: September 2018