Jeremy, Gensing Ward

On 5 September, Jeremy of Gensing Ward contacted Amber after he was told that he would be paid Universal Credit by the 28 August but this delay was not explained. Amber contacted the Department for Work and Pensions on Jeremy’s behalf and he met with her constituency office staff. The DWP said that there had been trouble processing his application due to the rent receipts he had submitted as part of his application. Following Amber’s letter, the DWP said that they had accelerated a Mandatory Reconsideration request Jeremy had made. Having received a letter from the DWP, Jeremy contacted Amber again who contacted the DWP on his behalf. They then requested that the Universal Credit Team undertake a Mandatory reconsideration of his housing allowance.

After a meeting at Amber’s constituency office on 13 October, Amber wrote to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and the Housing Department at Hastings Borough Council. On 1 November, Jeremy received a response from the DWP stating that they had reversed their decision, found in his favour and would now pay the housing element of his Universal Credit. Jeremy said “I deeply thank you for all of the help you have rendered in this matter.”



Uploaded: November 2017