Mary, Wishing Tree Ward, St Leonards.

Mary, 85 years old, bought a car in September having asked a young man who she'd met at church to drive her around, as she has not driven for ten years. She registered the car in her friend's name.

However, in January her car was clamped, and when she rang the bailiffs to ask why, they said that the driver had accrued 29 parking tickets in his own car and that outstanding fines with charges amounted to £5,700. The bailiff discovered that Mary's car was registered in the driver's name, and gave Mary one hour to get to her bank, where a representative would meet her and the driver, with the object of her withdrawing £5,000 of her savings to pay the bailiff for her friend's outstanding account, with the driver paying £700. The £5,000 represented half of Mary's total savings, set aside to cover her funeral costs, and Mary said she felt bullied by the bailiff into paying a debt for which she was not responsible. 

After much correspondence, a meeting was held in Amber's office attended by the bailiff, a representative of East Sussex County Council, Mary and the driver, resulting in Mary being reimbursed with the full £5,000.  Mary said "I will be eternally grateful." Mary is pictured with Amber above.