Mr and Mrs Gamble, Winchelsea

Mr and Mrs Gamble of Winchelsea met with Amber on 21 October 2017 to seek her assistance, because HMRC kept demanding ever increasing amounts of tax reaching £8,857, although no tax was owed. They felt bullied and harassed and the constant demands were so distressing that understandably they had an impact on the health of these constituents. Amber wrote twice to the Chief Executive Officer of HMRC and by 20 December, the situation seemed to have been resolved, until 29 January 2018 when HMRC had sent Mr and Mrs Gamble yet another self-assessment tax return. This issue was finally resolved on 30.1.18 when HMRC gave “sincere apologies for any further worry caused” and confirming that “your self-assessment record has been closed.

Amber’s constituents said: “We would very much like to thank you for your support in our difficulties with HMRC. You gave us a voice when we were being ignored and enabled us to feel that our protestations of innocence would not go unheard. Your support and advice has been invaluable throughout this horrible business.”



Endorsement given: February 2018