Mr Hall of St Leonards

On 7 March, Mr Hall of St Leonards contacted Amber’s office to say that because he had had two CVA (cerebrovascular) strokes, he was assessed as severely disabled and so received Personal Independence Payment, a Severely Disabled Payment and a Disability Income guarantee.  However, following a brain haemorrhage in September, he was reassessed by the Independent Assessment Services (IAS, formerly known as Atos) on 16 February, after which all of his disability payments were inexplicably stopped.  Without any income, Mr Hall was left unable to pay for his lifeline, telephone, carer, food or heating during very cold weather, and had to look for a food bank referral.

Amber’s office immediately contacted IAS to ask them to urgently reconsider their decision.  On 19 March, Amber’s office received the welcome advice from IAS that the decision had been reconsidered, and that Mr Hall would be reimbursed with the funds which were owing to him.  On 27 March, Mr Hall contacted Amber’s office to say that those funds had now been paid into his account, and to give his thanks for this intervention.

Mr Hall said:  “I am delighted with the way you and your office have helped me.”


Uploaded: March 2018