Mr Harris, St Leonards

On 5th July, Mr Harris of St Leonards contacted Amber to draw her attention to a 300 metre section of the Bulverhythe cycle path between Galley Hill and the footbridge by the rail repair sheds which contained loose broken glass fragments, which could cause serious injury to any child falling off their bike.

Amber pursued this issue with East Sussex County Council and on 14 July, received a reply from them stating: 

“Our contractor carried out remedial surfacing works in mid-June to the 300 metre stretch of the cycle route that Mr Harris refers to in his email. However, the resurfacing material used, which did include a proportion of glass pieces, did not conform to the required specification set out in our instructions to the contractor. This only became apparent when the material was applied on site.

"As soon as we became aware of this issue, the site was immediately inspected and has now been closed to the public as a precautionary measure. East Sussex Highways will be on site this week to rectify the problem as a matter of high priority. I hope this assists in responding to Mr Harris’s concerns and assures him that we are addressing the unacceptable quality of surfacing laid on this section of the Bulverhythe cycle route as expediently as possible.”

Mr Harris said: “Thanks for all of your help in solving this problem before injury was caused.”


Uploaded: July 2017