Mr Quick, Gensing Ward

At 13.26 on 4 April 2018, Mr Quick of Gensing Ward, St Leonards emailed Amber Rudd to request assistance with his Universal Credit payment.  After speaking with Universal Credit Case Managers on the morning of 4 April, he was advised that their ability to pay his claim was locked because of an on-going issue of the last three months, which had appeared to be unresolvable.  Mr Quick explained that if he did not receive payment within the day, he feared he would not be able to accept an offer of employment with his new employer, who pays employees on a monthly basis but only after the completion of a month’s work.

Amber’s office escalated this issue to senior managers within the DWP, and at 09.13 on 5 April, a reply was received from the DWP stating that a favourable decision had been made and that a payment was made to Mr Quick later in the afternoon of 4 April.  Mr Quick said, “Many thanks for your help …. I wouldn’t have got anywhere if it wasn’t for your hard work.”


Uploaded: April 2018