Ms E, Ashdown Ward, St Leonards-on-Sea

In February, Ms E contacted Amber to say that her brother who has several serious health conditions was involved in an accident last year which left him unable to walk. Their mother applied for a disabled Blue Badge for him, as she is his primary carer, but the application was turned down, leaving Ms E’s brother a alone in the house, despite numerous telephone conversations with East Sussex County Council (ESCC).

Amber took the issue up with ESCC and in early May, Ms E reported that: “I just wanted to thank you whole heartedly from myself, my brother and my parents for all your help and assistance in enabling my brother to regain a quality of life. His Blue Badge arrived this morning and the relief it will now bring to my exhausted parents is indescribable. I cannot describe the delight my mother had in her voice when she informed me, she was over the moon! Many thanks again!”


Uploaded: May 2017