Ms Jeapes of Hastings

On 21 August, Ms Jeapes of Hastings contacted Amber to say that her daughter, aged 27 months, who has Quadriplegic Dystonic Cerebral Palsy, and who is unable to sit, stand or walk unaided, requires multiple pieces of bulky equipment to assist her in every day life, such as a standing frame, specialist buggy, a walker and a specialist seating system. However, her application for a Blue Badge was rejected on the grounds that the family has no need to have bulky medical equipment with her all the time.

So on the same day, Amber contacted East Sussex County Council (ESCC) to point out that the Blue Badge is very much required, as the bulky equipment is needed at all times. Then on 4 September, Amber received a letter from ESCC to say having assessed the situation further, and given the daughter’s eligibility for a blue badge in any event once she turns three, at their discretion, they will be issuing a blue badge.

Ms Jeapes said, “Thank you so much for your help. This will make a tremendous difference to our lives. We are so thankful.”



Uploaded: September 2017