Amber asks for assurance for skilled migrant workers

On Monday 4th June, the Rt Hon Amber Rudd, Member of Parliament for Hastings and Rye asked Home Secretary Rt Hon Sajid Javid to ensure the private sector does not suffer from increased pressure on the tier 2 visa cap and can still access the same level of highly skilled and experienced workers. This follows a Home Office announcement that the UK Government will review the Tier 2 Visa system in order to ensure the NHS are able to recruit a high level of skilled workers. 

You can view Amber's question here.

Amber Rudd

While I welcome the Home Secretary’s comments about ensuring non-EU migration for the NHS, may I ask him to also bear in mind the needs of the private sector and ensure that any solution he finds does not merely put more pressure on the tier 2 visa cap? We must ensure that our private sector businesses get the highly experienced, skilled labour that they need.

Sajid Javid

It is an honour to take a question from my right hon. Friend, and I can give her that assurance. She is absolutely right; we have to make sure we have the skills that we need for both our public sector and our private sector.