Amber calls on new Education Secretary to see the Opportunity Area at work

AMBER RUDD HAS INVITED THE NEW EDUCATION SECRETARY TO JOIN HER IN HASTINGS to see the effects the funding has made for young people across her constituency.

Amber commented:

“I have asked Gavin Williamson, the Education Secretary to come down to visit Hastings and join me to see the great work being done by the Opportunity Area Board in our town. 

“We have been the funding as part of a three year programme, but it is clear that more must be done to ensure that its success continues. It has helped some of our schools be in the top 1% most improved in the country, and has greatly increased mental health support for young people in our area.

“As the MP for this area, I have seen firsthand the dramatic benefits of the Opportunity Area funding and it is vital this continues. I very much look forward to welcoming the Education Secretary to Hastings and making the case for continued funding.”

Following Amber’s representations to Government, Hastings was designated an Opportunity Area, becoming one of 12 areas benefiting from a £72 million pool of funding. The funding aims to boost social mobility and unlock the potential of children and young people through education. 

The Opportunity Area has brought new initiatives to schools in Hastings to raise attainment and proficiency.

The programme focuses on improving literacy, raising attainment in maths, improving mental health and resilience, and broadening horizons and developing skills for employment.