Last Friday, Amber visited Bexhill College to meet students and discuss a range of contemporary political issues with the students.

Two of Bexhill College’s first year Politics students, Ewan Robertson and Elizabeth Rand, delivered a presentation to Amber on the issues which they considered to be most important to young people. These ranged from exiting the European Union to national security. Ewan and Lizzie then invited Amber’s response to the points they had raised. The presentation took place in front of around one hundred students from the College.

Following the presentation, Amber spoke with several media students who interviewed her for the school paper. Questions ranged from the opportunities available to young people in Hastings to how gender might change a politician’s perspective on political issues.

Amber said:

“It is always wonderful to meet with young people who are passionate about contemporary politics. Lizzie and Ewan prepared a fantastic presentation for my visit and I greatly enjoyed engaging with their points and discussing their views.

“I was impressed by Lizzie and Ewan’s passion and I have offered them the chance to undertake work experience in my Westminster office over the summer. I look forward to seeing them again and to the enthusiasm they will undoubtedly bring.

“I will continue to visit local schools to see the work they are doing and discuss the issues which are most important to young people in our community. I am currently organising a debating event with local schools to encourage students to engage in politics and I look forward to finalising this event later this year.”




Notes to Editors

Amber is pictured meeting Ewan Robertson and Elizabeth Rand, the two first year Politics students who presented on the issues they consider most pressing for young people.