Amber meets with the Citizens Advice Bureau

Last Friday Amber Rudd MP met with the volunteers at the Citizens Advice Bureau as part of a regular programme of meetings, to discuss ways in which Amber can help to address their concerns relating in part to the design of Universal Credit being on a digital platform, which apparently works well for 92% of claimants, but not for the remaining 8%, amongst other things.

Amber said, “I am always pleased to listen to the concerns of the CAB volunteers, whose work is incredibly invaluable in assisting the vulnerable, and I was delighted to announce that earlier last week, Sarah Newton MP, the Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work accepted my invitation to visit the CAB here soon to listen first-hand to the issues within the system which CAB volunteers believe could be improved and made to work more efficiently and with more flexibility.”




Notes to editors:

  • Amber is pictured with the volunteers from the Citizens Advice Bureau