International Women's Day - Hastings Observer Column

For decades the 8th March has brought people together to fight and campaign for a more inclusive and equal world. International Women’s Day is marked across the globe. It is a time to reflect on what progress has been made and to focus on where more needs to be done.

Hastings Observer Column 3 February

Freedom of speech, freedom of worship, the rule of law and equal rights – these principles underpin how we live our lives and how we define our society, they enable us to celebrate diversity and come together as one.

Hastings Observer Column 6 January

Homelessness is one of the great social injustices. We must do all we can to protect those at risk of sleeping rough and those already living on the streets.

Hastings Observer Column 9 December

There are few institutions as important to us as the NHS. It’s not just what we rely on in an emergency or when we’re sick, it is also a central part of our national character.

Hastings Observer Column

Today (Friday 25 November) is White Ribbon Day which highlights the global movement to put a stop to violence against women and girls.

In the UK, 1.3 million women are victims of domestic abuse every year and, in 2014-15, 81 women were killed by a current or former partner.


This weekend we will pause to remember those who have given their lives serving our country in the armed forces.

Commemorating 1066

It is a particularly special week for 1066 Country and our communities as we mark the biggest anniversary in a generation of this momentous date which has for decades etched itself into the memory of schoolchildren and from which our nation’s society and culture began to take shape.

Rail links to the constituency

Since I became your MP it has been a priority for me to improve the rail links between our towns and journey times between the coast and London.

United in memory of those killed in service

On Monday I sat in an emotional and reflective House of Commons chamber which was full, save for one member. We were united in tribute to Jo Cox, Member of Parliament for Batley and Spen, and we heard moving speeches from the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and her closest friends and colleagues in Parliament. 

Digital Technology

Digital technology is vital for everything we do: from the smartphone in your hand to the contactless card in your wallet, we use it to communicate, to shop, to find out the news, where we’re going and what the weather will be when we get there.