Hastings Observer Column - 12 April

I know readers are concerned about homelessness in our towns. That’s why I am working so hard within government to make sure tackling homelessness and rough sleeping is at the heart of our work.

Hastings Observer Column - 29 March

The identity of both Hastings and Rye are tied up in our fishing history. Both towns have historic fishing fleets, with Hastings being the largest beach launched fleet in Europe and both being Cinque Ports.

Hastings Observer Column - 1 March

The people of Hastings and Rye voted by 55 per cent to leave the European Union. And I know that residents are concerned about how we leave and when we leave.

Hastings Observer Column - 1 February

It is incredibly important to encourage children to read. The skills they learn, the confidence they gain and the curiosity it encourages remain with children for life.

Hastings Observer Column - 18 January

Sometimes we can get caught up in the moment (Brexit in this case!) and lose sight of what is really important for our communities.

Hastings Observer Column 21 December

I didn’t imagine that we would have a quiet 2018. As it turns out, we have had an incredibly busy and sometimes turbulent time.

Hastings Observer Column 7 December

Isn’t it fantastic to see Christmas decorations up in our towns and the shops around us? The debate rages on in my house as to when the Christmas tree goes up – the earlier the better, I always think!