Hastings Observer Column - 11 October

I believe local residents should be able to communicate their needs and concerns directly to Government to get changes which improve their lives.

Hastings Observer Column - 27 September

It is hard to believe that today I am holding my ninth Hastings Apprenticeship and Jobs Fair. That means 9 years of getting more people into work and seeing 540 additional businesses trade in our towns.

Hastings Observer Column - 13 September

Following my column on 30 August about street drinking and anti-social behaviour, I am pleased to say there has been some real progress helping fight crime.

Hastings Observer Column - 30 August

Speaking to residents in our towns, I know that street drinking and anti-social behaviour are some of the most visible concerns which people have.

Hastings Observer Column - 16 August

We are fortunate to have such a vibrant community here in Hastings and nothing showcases this better than Old Town week where everyone comes together to celebrate our unique heritage and history.

Hastings Observer Column - Friday 2 August

The economy isn’t just numbers on a page, it is a measure of success for everyday life. A better economy means more businesses, higher wages, and better quality of life.

Hastings Observer Column - Friday 19 July

Leaving the environment in a better state than we found it is a priority for everyone.

It is something I am extremely committed to and so is the Government. 

Hastings Observer Column - 21 June

Since my very first day as your MP I have said I will do everything I can to support our fleets.

Our fishermen are now getting more quota than 2010, but there needs to be an even bigger increase.

Hastings Observer Column - 7 June

Protecting our environment and natural resources is an important issue for many people, and it is for me also. Here in Hastings, we are fortunate to have our stunning country park and our beautiful beaches – we are certainly not short of environmental wonders!