Hastings Observer Column 21 December

I didn’t imagine that we would have a quiet 2018. As it turns out, we have had an incredibly busy and sometimes turbulent time.

Hastings Observer Column 7 December

Isn’t it fantastic to see Christmas decorations up in our towns and the shops around us? The debate rages on in my house as to when the Christmas tree goes up – the earlier the better, I always think!

Hastings Observer Column 9 November

This weekend is Remembrance Sunday, and it is a particularly special one as we celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War 1. On this day, we commemorate the brave soldiers who fought for our country in the First World War, and particularly those who lost their lives.

Hastings Observer Column 28 September

When we are in good health, we sometimes take it for granted - we all know and hate the moment when we feel the start of a cold coming on.

Hastings Observer Column 14 September

September – the month of back to school, college or university.  Young men and women will be dealing with the results of their exams and taking their next steps accordingly. 

Hastings Observer Column 31 August

Since becoming your MP in 2010, improving our transport links has always been a top priority of mine. As I often have to commute for my work in Parliament, I am aware that it takes far too long to travel along the coast and to make journeys to London.