Anyone walking near Parliament recently will have noticed the addition of a brand new statue of Dame Millicent Fawcett standing strong overlooking Parliament Square and the Palace of Westminster.


Us Brits are famous for our obsession with the weather, our need to start every ice breaking conversation with some meteorological observation, and never more so than the grateful way we shake off the end of winter.  Hopefully we are finally at that moment!  


It is somehow already Easter and what a busy few months it has been: We have seen 100 years pass since some women were finally granted the right to vote, a strong Spring Statement from the Chancellor which means better funding for our towns, and the potential for the Bayeux tapestry to come to Ha


Apprenticeships are there for people from all walks of life enabling them to learn skills for the workplace of their choosing, earn a wage, and get on in life. Last week was National Apprenticeship Week which was a great opportunity for companies to learn how apprenticeships can work for them.

Hastings Observer Column 2 March

When I am asked about the future of our country’s farming and agricultural sector following Brexit, I can give reassuring news! This week, the Government launched an open consultation on the future of farming to get farmer’s views on new agricultural proposals.

Hastings Observer Column 16 February

The big chains of shops or pubs up and down the country can reassure visitors that they will get the same product wherever there are. But it is the independent shops and cafes that help make our towns so distinct.

Hastings Observer Column 2 February

Finding the cheapest energy supplier is hard work – I know I find it hard to choose one myself! There are so many options on the energy market which make it difficult to balance the price alongside what works for your household.

Hastings Observer Column 19 January

Our children and young people must be given every chance to make the very most of their potential. This begins with a high-quality education. Whilst I wasn’t the best student, I was lucky to have many excellent teachers and wonderful opportunities at school.

Hastings Observer Column 5 January

As the dreaded question “ready for Christmas?” is replaced by the equally worrying “any resolutions to share?” I have decided to set mine out.

Hastings Observer Column 8 December

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy - not just of the UK as a whole but here, in Hastings and Rye, where they are at the heart of our local communities. They provide their owners and employees with their livelihoods, and our towns with their unique characters.