Hastings Observer Column 27 October

We know that major changes need to be made to our housing market, so that more homes are built and our younger generation do not miss out on finding homes they can afford.

Steps have been taken to start putting this right but much more must and will be done.

Hastings Observer Column 13 October

Last Friday I held my fourth Hastings Rail Summit to update constituents and local businesses on improvements to our rail network and what further enhancements are planned.

Hastings Observer Column 29 September

The UK’s creative industries are booming. These are our museums and galleries; artists and designers; film, TV and radio shows; musicians and performers; IT and software companies.

Hastings Observer Column 15 September

Figures released this week showed that the number of people in Hastings and Rye claiming the key out of work benefits was down by 31% since 2010. This is over 1,000 more local people now earning a good wage and developing their skills.

Hastings Observer Column 1 September

Here in Hastings and Rye, as across the country, our post offices and our independent shops are part of our communities. They are at the heart of the villages, towns and cities they serve providing a range of vital services and a friendly high street to local residents.

Hastings Observer Column 18 August

Students across the country have now received their A-Level results and are busy making important decisions about their future. However, the nervous wait continues for a few more days for those awaiting their GCSE grades.

Hastings Observer Column 4 August

The internet has been a wonderful development in our lives helping to keep us connected with friends and family, and making everyday tasks like shopping, banking, research and education more straightforward.

Hastings Observer Column 21 July

On Monday the Education Secretary, Justine Greening, announced an additional investment into schools in England of £1.3billion to support the transition to a new fairer national funding formula due in April 2018.

Hastings Observer Column 23 June

It is difficult to take in the full horror of the tragedy which took place at Grenfell Tower last week. Every memory of survivors or emergency responders adds harrowing new details to this truly awful event.

Hastings Observer Column 28 April

It was a fantastic honour to be appointed Home Secretary last year. My first duty in this role, and the priority of any government, is to ensure the security of our country and the safety of everyone living here.