Dropping in for Coffee with Residents in Winchelsea

AMBER RUDD TOOK THE OPPORTUNITY TO DROP IN FOR COFFEE and a chat with local residents at Winchelsea Open Gardens at St Thomas’ Church.

Commenting on her visit to Winchelsea, Amber said: “It is always a pleasure to visit Winchelsea, which is home to the impressive St. Thomas’ Church.”

“Churches such as these act as a great space to meet with its beautiful grounds and relaxed atmosphere. I am already looking forward to my next visit!”

Located at the heart of Winchelsea village, St. Thomas’ lies at the very centre of much of Winchelsea’s community life and plays host to many events – both religious and cultural. It is also the place where Winchelsea’s community spirit is most apparent, with local volunteers playing a crucial role in supporting local church-run initiatives.

Saturday mornings provide Winchelsea residents with the ideal time to catch up with friends and, on this occasion, with their local MP over coffee and biscuits. Residents took the opportunity to speak to Amber about all that is going on locally as well as nationally.



Photo: Amber is pictured outside Winchelsea Church with John Spencer of Three Oaks and Winchelsea Action on Rail Transport