E Newsletter 28 June - Getting the best deal for our schools.



Since 2010, Amber has fought for a better future for schools in Hastings and Rye.  She has secured:

- Hastings as an Opportunity Area, which gives it access to a pot of £72 million worth of funding to improve education.

- School improvements which include being in the top 1% most improved in the country.

- Assurance from Government that the Opportunity Area programme will continue in some form after it ends in 2020.



Getting the Best Deal for our Schools

A good education is the most powerful tool we can give to the next generation. It allows us to become doctors, accountants, teachers, and even MPs!

It allows us to use our talents to the best of our ability and develop our full potential. From visiting our local schools, I am aware of just how many bright young people live in our communities and I am committed to delivering the best education so they may thrive.



Amber attending a breakfast club at ARK Castledown


People in Hastings & Rye should know I will always fight for the very best deal for them, taking their concerns and needs to the heart of Government so they get the best possible service from Government. I am especially committed to ensuring the young people in my constituency get the best start in life.

This is why I am asking colleagues in Government for the best possible funding for our schools to allow for better education facilities. To date, my representations to Government have meant that Hastings has been designated an Opportunity Area, making us one of twelve areas benefiting from a £72 million pool of funding.

I supported changing our schools into academies - something which local Labour opposed - and we have now seen ARK Castledown Primary Academy be one of the top 1% most improved schools in the country. I believe that when done right, the academy system can provide incredible benefits for our young people and it is certainly working in Hastings.

The Opportunity Area has brought new initiatives to schools in our towns to raise attainment and proficiency, and I am glad that there have been real improvements. Last week, I met with students and staff at local schools to discuss their relationships with the Opportunity Area. Local schools in Hastings and Rye are benefiting from a new £450,000 cash boost to assist attendance with support including school minibuses and extracurricular activities.



Amber tries her hand at carrot painting at Ferry Road Nursery in Rye


I also visited the Baird Primary Academy last week as part of the National School Breakfast Programme which is designed to give pupils the best start to the day with a healthy breakfast. The National School Breakfast Programme operates in 1,775 schools and focuses particularly on the 12 Opportunity Areas throughout the country.

I will continue to work closely with the Opportunity Area Board to continue to develop the Opportunity Area programme and support our young people with the best opportunities possible. We must ensure that our children have the right support to go as far as their talents will take them, and in Hastings, the sky is the limit.

Best wishes,
Amber Rudd MP
Hastings and Rye