Education, education, education

I had the pleasure to join students at Silverdale Primary school as part of a new literacy initiative, which I have taken to calling “Reading with Rudd”!

Reading shapes everyone’s lives as we grow up and even later on in life – whenever I am asked how I relax during my free time, my answer is that I enjoy escaping into a good book. It doesn’t just give your mind a break and transport you into another world, reading is also incredibly important for building your vocabulary, self-confidence, and creativity.


"Reading with Rudd"


With this in mind, I was pleased to read a few pages from Ted Hughes’ The Iron Man, a book I read growing up and which many children still enjoy today. I am grateful to the National Literacy Trust for launching this literacy campaign and for inviting me to sponsor it. However, none of this would have been possible were it not for the Opportunity Area funding which we were first designated in January 2017.

Two years on, I am delighted that the funding has made such an impact in our community. It is designed to unlock the potential of our young people through ensuring they develop the skills they need to succeed in life – this all starts with a good education. The Opportunity Area funding has helped transform some schools in our area, and I am pleased that we saw a dramatic increase in the standard of our primary schools such as Ark Castledown (you can read more here:


Amber at Ark Castledown school with Minister Nick Gibb


I believe that we have taken really positive steps towards improving education for all in our towns and I look forward to continuing the hard work which has been done in this area. There is excellent support to get the best out of our young people and great provision for improving mental health such as the iRock centre.

I have continued to lobby Government and have written to the Secretary of State for Education to ensure that the support provided by the Opportunity Area will be continued in some form after the scheme concludes. 

In the meantime, let's all find the time to lose ourselves in a good book 

Yours sincerely,

Amber Rudd MP
Hastings and Rye