FAIR’S FARE: Amber calls for lower prices rail passengers

AMBER Rudd has pledged to fight for lower and lower rail fares for local commuters.

Amber Rudd said:

“For some, 2018 was blighted by the time tabling changes in May.

“That’s why I’ve written to my Ministerial colleagues asking them to ensure that all possible action and negotiation has been made to prevent this situation from arising going forward. 

“I have always worked hard to ensure that our residents receive the best possible rail service possible.

“I hope that the Minister will provide a substantive reply to reassure my residents that the Government has taken all possible measures to ensure that the best action has been taken for the passengers.”

Amber also used the letter to explain that to many paying even more for their travel after such poor service over the last year will be hard to stomach. 

Amber urged the Minister to look again at the price hikes for rail tickets and to consider if any other action might be taken to prevent the customers bearing the brunt of the increase.