Hastings Observer Column - 16 August

We are fortunate to have such a vibrant community here in Hastings and nothing showcases this better than Old Town week where everyone comes together to celebrate our unique heritage and history. And in Rye we have the famous Jazz and Blues Festival which runs from 24 August to 26 August and the Arts Festival which runs from mid to late September. Don’t miss out on these great events which have something for everyone in our communities.

Last week, we enjoyed the usual range of wonderful and quirky activities of Old Town week. Whether it is guessing the weight of the cheese tower, trying to pull people off their feet in the tug-o-war or watching the crowning of our new Sea King and Sea Queen, there is no shortage of things to do over the summer. I know I greatly enjoyed taking part in the Grand Carnival parade and trying my hand at judging for the carnival courts!

Hastings and Rye both have great historical significance and are brimming with culture. Not only do we have our landmarks like the castle, country park and beaches lined with fishing huts, we have exciting events which showcase our community throughout the year. Hastings Week, Old Town week, Jack in the Green and our Bonfire Nights are just a few of the annual events which stick out in our calendar. I believe it is important that these historic events are upheld, and I am doing all I can in Government to ensure that we do not lose out on May Day next year.

All of this wouldn’t be possible without our community, so I would like to pay tribute to Anne Scott, Keith Leech, and Dick Edwards who all work to preserve the unique feel and culture of Hastings, while organising these great events we enjoy each year. It is important we all work together to support and look after our high streets, our parks, our landmarks. Hastings has never been a sleepy town but one always buzzing with energy and excitement and it should stay this way.

Old Town week is always a wonderful reminder of just how happy I am to call Hastings my home and how proud I am to represent both towns of Hastings and Rye, as well as the surrounding area.