A History of Fishing, Family, and Fish Markets

AMBER RUDD MP HAS CONGRATULATED PHOTOGRAPHER JOHN COLE on a successful exhibition opening at Hastings History Museum and Art Gallery.

Reflecting on her weekend visit to the museum and gallery, Amber said: “I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to John Cole and to Hastings Fishermen’s Protection Society for inviting me to attend the opening of the ‘Fishing for Generations’ exhibition at the weekend.”

“I would like to thank John Cole in particular both for his impressive artistic work and for acting as a first-class ambassador for our town by showcasing its cultural heritage to the outside world”.

During the exhibition opening, John gave his local Member of Parliament a brief overview of the work that he was exhibiting while picking out some of his favourite photographic displays. The exhibition’s aim is to portray an idealised view of Hastings’-based fishing industry.

Some of John’s impressive photographic works are now brilliantly displayed in the office corridors of the Houses of Parliament having been sponsored by Amber as an MP in 2014. This stands in recognition of both Hastings’ cultural prowess as well as the invaluable contribution made to the town by Britain’s oldest beach-launched fishing fleet.





Photo: Amber is pictured talking to Photographer John Cole about his Exhibition ‘Fishing for Generations’ at Hastings Museum and Art Gallery