Update on Conquest and Eastbourne Hospitals

This afternoon I had an encouraging discussion with Dr Adrian Bull, Chief Executive of East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, to get an update on the performance of local hospitals over recent weeks.

  • The two hospitals, Conquest and Eastbourne, have seen an 11% increase in attendances but a 3% reduction in admissions. Services are under pressure but they are coping with the extra demand.
  • The Trust is in the top 25% nationally for A+E waiting times.
  • The handover of patients from ambulances to the hospitals has not been impacted.
  • Elective procedures are continuing at their planned level.

While recognising that local hospitals are under pressure during the winter period with increased numbers of patients with flu and respiratory illness, I congratulate the staff of Conquest and Eastbourne hospitals and the community services in our towns for their response to these challenges and the high quality care they are continuing to provide to local patients. This is a strong example of the cooperation and dedication shown in our local NHS meaning that non-urgent care continues even with the extra demand we are seeing.