No Plaice like Hastings

AMBER RUDD MP DROPPED HASTINGS FISHERMEN A LINE and stopped by at the Coastal Producer Organisation (PO) Annual General Meeting in Hastings at the Stade.

Amber has been working to get Hastings fishermen a better deal and see them managing more of their own quota. The Hastings fishing fleet are part of the Coastal Producer Organisation which will result in the small boat fishing fleet having greater control over the sales of their products and distribution of quota. The Coastal PO was recognised in July 2017 by the MMO and formally represents the under 10 metre fleet at the UK fishing policy table.

Amber said: “This is an important meeting and I am glad it was held in Hastings, which is home to one of the most historic and unique fleets in the UK. Hastings fishermen should know that I will always fight for the very best deal for them, by speaking to colleagues and taking their concerns to the heart of Government.

“The quota situation has been improving for local fishermen, but I am determined to do more and ensure our fishermen can enjoy better livelihoods. I will pass on the issues raised at this meeting to my colleagues at DEFRA and will ensure we continue on the good progress made so far.”

Amber has also pledged to meet the new DEFRA SoS as soon as possible to make sure the needs of Hastings fishermen are on the agenda.

Jim Pettipher, CEO of Coastal PO said: “It was an honour and a privilege to have Amber, who continues to provide huge support to the Hastings fishing fleet, at the PO’s AGM, which is the most important day in the PO’s democratic calendar.”



Notes to the Editor:

  • Amber is pictured with members of the Coastal PO and Hastings fishing fleet.