Residents Win with Delay Repay 15

PASSENGERS TRAVELLING FROM HASTINGS AND RYE will benefit from the new Delay Repay 15 compensation scheme.

It means from November 2019 any passenger on this network delayed by 15 minutes or more will be able to ask for cash back. It comes after Amber took the fight for the rights of residents to the Department for Transport.

Amber Rudd commented:

“People in Hastings & Rye should know I will always take their concerns to the very heart of government and demand a better deal for them.”

“Delays on trains are unacceptable and can cause havoc for commuters. The very least they deserve is not to be out of pocket as well as out of time.

“This new move is a step towards ensuring there is a better service for people across Hastings and Rye.”

In addition to Delay Repay 15, the Department for Transport will see £250,000 made available for improved accessibility at stations on the Southeastern network, opening up opportunities for more people to travel by rail.