Statement on the Brighton University Announcement regarding its future in Hastings.

Brighton University recently commissioned a review of the future of the Hastings Campus of the University of Brighton. The review looked at the demography of students, the financial sustainability of the campus, long-term strategy and student choice.

Yesterday the University issued a statement to its students where they mentioned that they will continue to ‘support the delivery of higher education in Hastings through an evolution of its current provision in the town’. They also stated that the University Management Board recommended that the ‘university should continue to support the delivery of a more focused higher education offering in the town targeting the local community. This could be delivered through a broadening and deepening of its relationship with Sussex Coast College Hastings.’

Below is my response to that statement:

“Without delay, the University needs to communicate the full details of what this ‘enhanced relationship’ with Sussex Coast College means for our town and its students. If they listen to us they will realise that the University’s campus in Hastings needs to remain a central part of our town.

“A decision to close the Hastings Campus would be a backwards step for our town’s regeneration, especially since we have invested large sums of tax payers’ money into creating the campus in the first place. The cultural and music scene, the social and economic conditions and local history combine to create optimism in a town that is enjoyed by current students and appeals to many potential students.  I want Hastings to remain a university town and I will continue to work with Sussex Coast College, Brighton University, Hastings Borough Council, local businesses and all those who will help us to create more higher education opportunities in our much loved town.”