Dropping in for Coffee with Residents in Winchelsea

AMBER RUDD TOOK THE OPPORTUNITY TO DROP IN FOR COFFEE and a chat with local residents at Winchelsea Open Gardens at St Thomas’ Church.

Commenting on her visit to Winchelsea, Amber said: “It is always a pleasure to visit Winchelsea, which is home to the impressive St. Thomas’ Church.”

Amber attends Old Town Carnival

AMBER RUDD MP ATTENDED OLD TOWN CARNIVAL LAST WEEK AND TOOK PART IN THE ACTIVITIES. The Carnival in its 51st year was a great success, even with the extreme winds.

Hastings Observer Column - 16 August

We are fortunate to have such a vibrant community here in Hastings and nothing showcases this better than Old Town week where everyone comes together to celebrate our unique heritage and history.

Hastings Observer Column - Friday 2 August

The economy isn’t just numbers on a page, it is a measure of success for everyday life. A better economy means more businesses, higher wages, and better quality of life.