No Plaice like Hastings

AMBER RUDD MP DROPPED HASTINGS FISHERMEN A LINE and stopped by at the Coastal Producer Organisation (PO) Annual General Meeting in Hastings at the Stade.

Hastings Observer Column - Friday 19 July

Leaving the environment in a better state than we found it is a priority for everyone.

It is something I am extremely committed to and so is the Government. 

"We need more like Ore Valley", Amber Rudd says

Amber recently visited the Ore Valley Campus of East Sussex College as part of her campaign to encourage more renewable energy sources throughout Hastings and Rye. They recently installed over 1,000 solar panels which powered 76% of the energy used by the college earlier this month.

Amber welcomes Deliveroo riding into Hastings

RESIDENTS OF HASTINGS WILL BE ABLE TO ENJOY A NEW RANGE of restaurants from the comfort of their homes as Deliveroo launches in the town. The news comes as the company expands and has chosen to launch in Hastings and has partnered with 30 local restaurants.