PIP Assessments

Thank you for contacting me about Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessments.
Let me first say that I am proud that every year around £54 billion is spent to support people with disabilities and health conditions, over £9 billion more in real terms than in 2010. I passionately believe we should focus support on those who need it. PIP is designed to ensure support is focused on those with the greatest barrier to independence. I am glad that since its introduction, 30 per cent of claimants are now on the highest level of support, up from 15 per cent previously.
I appreciate your concerns about the assessment process. The Department for Work and Pensions is continually reviewing and refining the PIP process in order to improve its efficiency, effectiveness and the claimant experience.
New claims are now being cleared in nearly a quarter of the time they were in July 2014, at a current average of 11 weeks from registration to decision. I understand that the Government is committed to further improving this process. Assessments are independently audited to ensure that they are accurate and fair. There is a legislative requirement that two independent reviews of PIP are carried out. The Government has formally responded to recommendations from both reviews. 
I am encouraged that a number of new measures have been put forward, including the video recording of PIP assessments, which will be piloted before rolling out across the UK. I am also assured that the DWP will continue to work with claimants and the organisations who represent them in order to provide continuous improvement.
Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.


Updated: October 2018