Public Sector Pay

Thank you for contacting me about public sector pay.
Our dedicated public sector workers deserve to be fairly rewarded for the vital work they do. Because of the balanced approach the Government is taking to the public finances, it has been able to announce the largest public sector pay rise in almost a decade, for around 1 million public sector workers. Teachers on less than £35,000 will get a pay rise equivalent to £800 in 2018-19; the average member of the Armed Forces will get a pay rise worth £980 in 2018-19; and band 3 prison officers with modernised terms and conditions will get a pay rise worth 4.1 per cent on average in 2018-19. 
I believe these increases represent a fair and responsible deal for public sector workers and are affordable for taxpayers, and will help make sure we have the workforce we need to deliver world class public services. 
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Updated: October 2018